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Throughout your teens and 20s health isn’t much of a priority. You feel invincible. You think youth will always be on your side. Something happens when you hit your 30s though. Well it did for me anyway. Health was suddenly utmost on my mind. It might have been because when I was growing up 30 always seemed so old.

Young and care free

Fun in my 20s








When I celebrated my 30th birthday I made a pact with myself to get healthier on the inside and out.


Celebrating my 30th birthday

One of the things I did was take up yoga and I fell in love with the discipline and lifestyle. I joined different yoga challenges and programs some of which required juicing for certain portions of the program. I would always regard these days with trepidation. I’m a complete foodie. Not a gourmand mind you. When I say foodie I mean I love to eat! High end, low end whatever as long as it’s not meat I’m in. The thought of juice for days on end held very little appeal for me.

However yoginis swear by juicing and its amazing benefits so I would attempt to juice on m own once in a while and fail categorically. My juices never tasted that good and it was too time consuming for me to do prepare and juice all the time.


When Kat Azanza told me about JUJU last year I was excited to try it but not too hopeful that I would be able to survive juicing for even just 1 day.

Glam-O-Mama and co-founder of JUJU Kat with her 3 adorable boys


I sampled a 1-day cleanse and liked the flavors of the juices and more importantly the quantity of juice. You get 6 colossal bottles of juice to consume in a day. And I’m not exaggerating when I say massive. Each bottle is 500ml. If you finish the whole bottle I guarantee you will not feel hungry.


After my successful juicing day I decided to try the 3-day cleanse.  This was more difficult for me as I have already explained my love for food. Weirdly I missed chewing. But the 3 days were definitely doable. No conspicuous hurdles here. And after the 3 days I felt fantastic. I was inspired to stick to an improved, healthier diet.
















This year I decided I was ready to level up. 2011 has been a wonderful year for me in terms of work. But between that and an active toddler (not to mention my husband and other commitments) I have had no time to exercise or pay attention to my diet too closely. In general I eat quite healthfully. My achilles heel is chocolate. And if I’m with hubby, then I get into the chips and other junk (he loves it all). So I was feeling kind of blah and yucky on the inside as a result of months of being a bit of a work-a-holic couch potato. I turned to Kat and JUJU. I told her I needed to detoxify and was ready and willing to take on the challenge of a 7-day cleanse.

I juiced for 7 days and at the end of the week felt amazingly light and refreshed. I had more energy, lost a bit of weight and my husband said that my skin was glowing at the end of it. But it wasn’t without a few trials! Check out my JUJU diary at the end of this article! I have to say though that after each of my cleanses I always  jones (crave) for the green bomb. To me it tastes wonderful and where else are you going to get that many nutrients in one single serving?

We sit down with Kat and she tells us the what, why, how of juicing with JUJU.

What made you start JUJU?

I’ve been wanting to start a business that provided juices/shakes for a long time now, but never thought I had a unique enough concept until now. Everything that we were considering before was mall-based and in the end not really as appealing as a juice delivery service that I feel can really make a difference health wise.


What are the benefits of juicing?

The benefits of juice fasting are:

  • highly alkalinizing for pH balance
  • improved complexion
  • provides rest for the digestive organs
  • replenishes vitamin and mineral resources
  • oxygenation of cells
  • promotes regular bowel movements
  • reverses signs of aging
  • increases fertility
  • increases energy
  • encourages weight loss
  • boosts immune system
  • encourages toxin to be flushed out of the body


The benefits of the Juju Cleanse service are:

  • It is convenient and designed for people that live an active urban lifestyle
  • It is delivered to your doorstep
  • Our clients do not have to worry about preparing their own juices or figure out their own recipes if they want to undergo a juice fast.


Who should do a 1 day cleanse? A 3-day cleanse? The 10-day intensive cleanse?

A 1-day cleanse I generally recommend as a maintenance cleanse. But of course if the individual has no time to embark on a full 3-day cleanse, then a 1 day cleanse is definitely better than nothing. It’s a great “pick-me-up” cleanse, and enough to get them to rethink their habits, and inspire them to get back on track or make healthier choices.


A 3-day cleanse is what I recommended to the first timer or anyone that really wants to do a complete system reboot.  Typically 3-days is what we would consider the minimum duration for actual detoxification and cleansing to begin.


A 7-day cleanse, or any duration longer than our standard 3-day, is recommended for anyone that wants to intensify the detox experience and feels that they would benefit from a longer cleanse.  For these longer programs we can provide organic laxatives or refer the clients to clinics around Metro Manila that offer hydrocolon therapy to assist the body in eliminating itself of toxins.


The 10-day cleanse right now is based on the Master Cleanse and is more of a weight-loss tool.  The concern that we had with the original Master Cleanse is that it really doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrition so, sure, you would lose weight, but ultimately your body would suffer.  We’ve rectified this by adding two bottles of our Green Bomb to each day of the Lemon-Aid cleanse so it combines the best of both worlds.


Can breastfeeding and pregnant mothers JUJU?

It is not recommended that breastfeeding or nursing mothers go on a juice fast. But by all means…they can and should drink our juices as a health boost. Right now I am breastfeeding my 5 month old and am also taking the Juju Cleanse juices as a nutrition boost ( I still eat regular meals but complement with our juices)


Why did you name it JUJU?

We were literally hanging out in the room trying really hard to inspire ourselves…and I just started saying “ju-ju-ju” (as in from the word “juice”) and it was like a CLICK! We knew that was IT! We also love that it means something like “mojo”…good juju…haha! Coming up with the name took 3 weeks!


How healthy is the green bomb?

It’s incredibly healthy – chock full of green leafies! This juice is the motor that gets the detoxification process going! It oxygenates the cells, alkalinizes the body, and is refreshing at the same time. It’s one of my faves!


Who shouldn’t juice/fast?

Personally I don’t think that there is anyone that shouldn’t juice. Individuals with specific conditions however have to be much more careful what juices they take though.

*As for juice-FASTING: this is not recommended for individuals under 18, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, and individuals under certain medications as the fast itself could counter the effects of their medicine.*

How did you become an expert at juicing?

We’ve just been doing it for so long as a family that it’s second nature to me already. Plus having been a part of The Farm at San Benito since the beginning has also helped tremendously. It is through working with them that I understand the science of detoxification.


Some people may find JUJU expensive. What do you say to that?

I really believe that you pay for what you get. Juju Cleanse uses the freshest local organic produce, is juiced-to-order using the best commercial  juicers on the market (that retain the maximum enzyme and nutritional content of the pressed juices), and is delivered to your doorstep. We could cut corners on the produce, dilute the drinks, and use smaller bottles to lower the price but in the end the cleanse wouldn’t be as effective and we feel that we would be cheating our clients if we did this.  We are out to offer the best product that gives the best benefit.  This is also why we use glass bottles and deliver every day.  The quality of our juices is the most important thing for us.


Get your JUJU on now!

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Amanda’s Diary: The 7 day JUJU Throw Down

Day 1

Was a little tough. After months of zero discipline I have to admit it was hard getting back on the wagon because I knew it was only Day 1 of 7. The road ahead seemed incredibly long.

Day 2

Was easier during the day but at night I got slammed with a migraine. I think my body was eradicating the junk and processing the healthy nutrients which might have caused my headache.

Day 3

Easy Peasy. I just made sure to hydrate with water a lot

Day 4

Mentally I was all there. I was thinking yeah, halfway done! I can do this! I was getting a bit sick of the green bomb though and this would prove to be a bit of a hurdle for me. Because I was getting tired of the taste I wasn’t finishing the bottles. This in turn set me up for my disastrous day 5. I should mention that I requested 7 days of the green bomb. There were no other flavors for me during this cleanse.

Day 5

I woke up with a headache and feeling faint. I stood up and felt slightly dizzy. I realized I needed to eat something. And something healthy. Luckily I had a banana on hand. Now this was all my fault. The previous day I had only drank 50% of my juice supply so obviously my body needed more nutrients. I think that if I had drank more juice I wouldn’t have felt so faint on Day 5. The rest of Day 5 proceeded without a hitch and I made sure to drink as much of the juice as I could.

Day 6

This day was probably the easiest day because the finish line was near. The taste of victory and a lot of green juice were in my mouth. I was giving my self the mental pep talk. Only 1 more day you can do it!

Day 7

This day was both easy and difficult. Easy because I was proud to have made it 7 days of juicing (with 1 banana). I did better than I thought I would. Difficult because it was the last day and after 7 days of not eating I was ready to start chewing again.

Day 8

Yaaaaay! Success! Yaaaay! Solid food! I was a good girl. Salads with steamed fish. But my weakness came back to haunt me and I just couldn’t say no to him. I indulged and had a chocolate bar but thought of it as a tiny reward for my weeklong juice cleanse. After all you have to have some fun now and then right?



Feeling light, refreshed and energetic after my 1 week detox





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